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I Have Back Pain. Is Bed Rest Necessary For Recovery?

If you have back pain or sciatic pain, you probably want to know how to relieve your pain and prevent flare-ups. In fact, avoiding bed rest and staying active can help you with both situations. In this article, I will try to cover this subject in more detail.

Back pain and bed rest

If you have back pain, continuing your daily activities, doing simple exercises like short walks, and/or following a structured exercise program will keep you active. Prolonged bed rest can worsen your back pain. If your low back pain is severe, you may want to lie down for a long time, but long bed rest may not be a good option for treating your low back pain. When you lie down for long hours and minimize physical activity, the following changes may occur in your spine:

– Back muscles weaken and muscle mass decreases (atrophy occurs)

– The risk of injury such as herniation in the discs between the vertebrae increases

– The lumbar lordosis (the natural lumbar curve with an inverted C shape) deteriorates and becomes straight and changes the normal mechanics of the spine.

– The above changes further increase the risk of damage to your spine, as they cause spinal instability and insufficient load-bearing capacity of the spine.

Low-intensity activities are aimed at reducing pain and strengthening the back. Engaging in physical activities can help increase blood flow to the tissues in your back, increase muscle strength and flexibility, nourish your spinal discs, and make your joints and bones stronger.

It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before starting physical activities, especially if you are experiencing an acute case of back pain. If you experience sharp or sudden pain while exercising, stop immediately and consult your doctor. Be sure to use correct posture and technique when performing the recommended activities.