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Dr. Tural Bayramov, MD Speaks About the Management of Taste and Smell Disorders After COVID-19 at the 17th National Pain Congress in Turkey.

The 17th National Pain Congress in Turkey was held in Antalya on 04-07 May this year. One of the interesting speeches at the congress was given by Dr. Tural Bayramov, MD. In his presentation titled, “Is Stellate Ganglion Block effective in the treatment of smell and taste disorders in Long COVID cases?”, pain medicine specialist Dr. Tural Bayramov talked about his own experiences. Dr. Bayramov demonstrated the positive results of the Stellate Ganglion Block, which he applied to patients with taste and smell sensory disorders after Covid-19. His patients had previously received different treatments, including smell therapy, but had no benefit.

Dr. Tural Bayramov 17. Ulusal Ağrı Kongresinde COVİD-19 Sonrası Tat ve Koku Duyu Bozukluğu Tedavisi Hakkında Konuştu

The condition known as Long COVID is when you have actually recovered from the Covid-19 disease but still have some symptoms of this infection for a long time. In particular, there are many symptoms such as weakness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and so on. Smell and taste disorders, which are among the most important findings among these findings, reduce the quality of life of the patients. These patients receive different treatments for months and many do not benefit from these treatments.

“We observed the positive results of the ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion block in Long Covid cases who applied to our clinic with taste and smell disorders. It had positive effects not only on the sense of taste and smell but also on some other findings we encountered in Long COVID cases,” said Dr. Tural Bayramov